Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jesse Reno

I stumbled across Jesse Reno's work years ago on Ebay. His works is fantastic - complex and multi-layered.

In the latest series of paintings by Portland-based artist Jesse Reno, shamanic beings struggle to find their place in a world simultaneously on the verge of expanding and collapsing. Totem animals and Native American figures reverberate memories of people who once lived as one with nature. Marked by symbols, these figures seek their dreams in the growth of trees and the passing of spirits. On their quest to find their true selves, they collect feathers and relics left by encounters and past lives.  They learn to transcend the boundaries of the rational world evolving into a collage of what they have become and encountered. Reno, presents us with a journey leading inward to ultimately expand outward: "If you have moved wisely your dreams will still grow when you are gone."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Andrea Land

Artist's Statement - In My Room:
"I enter into the process of creating a photograph on both a conscious and subconscious level. My portraits of children contain various layers of information relating to the artist, the subject and a mutual exchange between the two. The work seeks to explore the psyche of complex individuals. Each young girl, while physically existing in the natural world, also thrives in another realm, an insular dream state, with her gaze turned inward, The photographs exist as both fictional and autobiographical creations (growing up in an all female, Midwest household). Relating to the temporary situation of childhood, I am fascinated by young individuals' imagination and intensity of experience. My curiosity about childhood, as a state of limbo and a game of illusion, creates additional layers with which to contemplate. Visually exploring the girls' stances and embellished environments, the audience enters into a private world of vulnerability, isolation, imagination and memory. A delicate balance exists between and the real and the imagined, the beautiful and the grotesque." 

Sharon Montrose

The simplicity of these photos is so lovely.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anne Buffum

Anne Buffum is one of my favorite artists. I've been following her for years. Years ago I discovered her on Ebay and in recent years she got picked up by Marcia Weber Gallery. I already have four of her pieces and am completely devoted to her work. She's totally self taught. Her work is ever changing and I'm always drawn to the interesting stories her painting tell.

Pardon the bad photography... this bottom painting is one of Anne's paintings that I have - that I love!