Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lori Field

Encaustic is probably my favorite medium. It is a medium, however, that many are not familiar with. It's an ancient art form that dates back to the 4th c B.C.. The technique involves using heated wax to which pigments are added. The hot wax is then applied to a surface - usually clay board, Masonite or wood - then it's reheated to fuse. Encaustic is highly archival and extremely durable because the wax is impervious to moisture so it will not deteriorate, yellow or darken. Another plus is that encaustic paintings do not have to be varnished or protected by glass.

Lori Field is an mixed media/encaustic artist. Her work is dreamy and fantastic and her colors are so rich and vibrant. Visually there is so much to take in. The main images of her pieces are all hand drawn with colored pencils. She then collages them together with other collage elements on top of a beautifully prepared encaustic background. I've seen her work up close and it is absolutely breathtaking.

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